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Tim Wallace

From the age of 7 photographer Tim Wallace of AmbientLife has been obsessed with photography. At a very early age he first learned to print and develop film, totally inspired by the magic of watching the emerging image appear from under that warm flowing liquid of the developer. His dedication to his craft and his love of photography has taken him on a journey through both his work and his own personal view of the world through his lens.

Tim says "For me photography has not so much been a career but an obsession over my lifetime, its the foundation of who I am and all that has driven me over the many years that I have been shooting. It is no secret to many that I still love to shoot film even now and for me that is a joy that I can immerse myself into away from my normal day to day commercial work which is firmly grounded within the modern digital era that we can now enjoy. My Personal shooting is not only restricted to film but also I shoot a lot of work these days using my Fuji XPro1, favouring the 14mm f2.8 lens and most recently the new 10mm - 24mm that I find very versatile for the type of work that I like to capture.
This sort of photography for me is almost like getting back to basics, its about the process of thought through to capture to achieve what you want to create through your lens and record that image in the camera as you see it through our own emotions.

I have kept every single camera that I ever shot on from a film perspective over the years, each has their little quirks and joys, each has in many ways a personality and as such they bring their own dimension to a photograph, the lens properties of older camera's are different to the more perfectly engineered lenses that we enjoy today but in many ways thats something that I really love. The older 50mm f4 Carl Zeiss lens that I shoot with sometimes on the Hasselblad film bodies is a lens that has a softness to its edges, a pleasing effect when used wide open."

The work available to purchase exclusively on this website features both Tim's personal work, in the form of Limited Edition prints from his first exhibition Project Darwin USA, as well as a series of prints featuring Tim's own cameras that he has used and collected since he was a boy.


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