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David Wright

"As a TV documentary filmmaker my role on foreign assignments was directing moving pictures. But in my luggage there were usually two Nikon SLR film cameras. In every spare moment I would get them out and shoot still images of the people and places we were making films about.
As a result, over more than two decades I accumulated a large archive of 35mm colour slides of people and places in distant countries and cities. For the past two years I have been rediscovering those images and scanning the best shots onto digital format. 
Some of the transparencies came out of their storage box as clean and bright as the day they came back from Kodak. Others had not fared so well. The celluloid had developed large spidery cracks. The grime of two decades or more had built up and covered the pictures with tiny specks of black. 
Thanks to the ingenious creators of Photoshop and a lot of patience on my own part, those cracks and that dust and grime have been banished. The colours needed very little repair work. Only rarely had they lost their vibrancy - a lasting tribute to those now obsolete and fondly remembered Kodak stocks, Kodachrome and Ektachrome.
Due to the enduring quality of 35mm colour film - and the miracle of digital technology - the pictures I shot so long ago in places as far apart as South America, New York, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the Middle East are fully restored to their original pristine state. 
A selection of these unique and historic images is now available for purchase as limited edition prints from the F Stop Online Gallery."

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