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Chris White - Bridging the Void Exhibition

Chris has been photographing for 14 years and throughout this time his motto has been ‘I want to create.’ He loves to see things differently, challenging the ways that we view the world, using both the everyday and the extraordinary as tools to do this. The inspiration for this project began during his A Level studies, through experimenting with the effects that can be produced when a number of photographs are physically arranged in a particular way. With the help of digital technology, he has now recreated and updated these effects.
The viaduct is a common feature of the British landscape, enabling the transport of goods and people over rivers and valleys. Viaducts represent humanity’s attempt to master the countryside – creating order, in the form of uniform straight architecture, out of nature’s natural curves. And yet, they have become such a classic part of the landscape that their beauty, elegance and sheer ingenuity often simply blends into the background.
Chris has long been inspired by the power of digital technology to recreate and reshape the world around us. In this project he wanted to rethink this classic architecture, encouraging the viewer to look at these engineering achievements with fresh eyes. Through the exaggerated curves, he aimed to convey a sense of these man-made structures becoming more natural and mountain-like, as though being reclaimed by the land, whilst at the same time conveying a sense of the surrounding countryside being dwarfed by the structures.

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